Sunday, 24 May 2009

What a mess

It is amazing how a simple notice can boost the image of an area - in this case the city centre in Exeter.

This tree is poorly. The root system can no longer sustain the crown. As a result it has been necessary to remove th grass from around its rootss. The area of ground looks a bit of a mess - but no worse than the 'grass' areas of many town centres.

Nevertheless, Exeter City Council, proud of their city centre have put this notice by the tree. It explains the situation and apologises. But in my view it does much more than that - it shows that Exeter cares - about its enviroment and about its residents and visitors.

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Simply Heather said...

John, I agree. When I saw the sign, I had to upsize it and heart was touched by their words; which proves the love and appreciation for nature. Sweet.

I also saw the word "whilst"...oh, the character. This is not a word that you hear in the U.S. - not often at all.

Thanks for sharing this :o)