Saturday, 16 May 2009

Rambling at Frog-End

Rambling at Frog-End.

Daughter-who-takes-photos is described by GB as Niece-who-loves-nature. One aspect of nature that she doesn't like is anything arachnological! So when she found a nest of 200 baby Garden Spiders she was kind enough to call me to photograph them but kept well clear herself.

One of the spells of sunshine on Saturday brought out some hoverflies. This is Episyrphus balteatus, a common species.

The clematis has had lots of flowers on for a while now - it is Clematis 'Pink Champagne'.

This Ichneumon fly was wandering over the Hydrangea searching for eggs or caterpillars in which to lay its own eggs. The sharp thing at its rear end is not a sting but an ovipositor for piercing things so as to lay its eggs inside them.

These Primula japonica are among the flowers helping to make the back garden look attractive at this time of year.

And the Sweet Rocket and Geums have just come out in the last week.

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