Monday, 11 May 2009

In the garden at Frog End again

The back garden at Frog End from the study window.

From the back door.

Where the patio will be; the kitchen garden and the greenhouse.

On Sunday there were three juvenile Goldfinches in the garden.

The juvenile lacks the colourful head of the adult bird.

It’s no use cheeping at me - I’m a baby too!

In the middle of the night on Sunday night / Monday morning I was at the back door having a quiet smoke when a Hedgehog emerged from right beneath my feet. Needless to say the camera was upstairs and by the time I had gone up for it there was no sign of her. I waited ages but there was no noise and they are loud and shuffley creatures so I suspect she had zoomed out at the bottom of the garden. Hedgehogs are always depicted as rolling into a ball when threatened but in my experience they just as frequently run away and they can get up a fair speed when they wish.

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