Monday, 4 May 2009

Saturday 2nd May in the garden

First thing Saturday morning Ian continued laying some new turf in the back garden as Jo and I enjoyed a cup of tea in the sunshine.

I could watch people work all day!

I could just watch people all day.

Those who accompanied me to Exeter on my Blog last year may recall all the caterpillars in the garden. It was therefore no surprise to find this Small White emerging this morning. It was pumping its veins up as we watched and within half an hour it had flown off.

The Gooseberries are fruiting already - it won't be that long before they are in a pie! They brought back memories of my grandparent's garden and they reminded Jo of being asked to pick them from their garden as a child.

William decided to help by treading the lawn down!


Bryony said...

Absolutely wonderful photos - I suppose the sunshine the great garden and the cat all help but still...

I have a favour to ask, can you take some photos of the garden at Frog-End so that I can orientate myself in pictures? After all I have never seen it. Maybe a panorama from the centre? Maybe labels? I am unsure where the ponds are in relation to each other / the house. Only if you are outside with a camera of course, tee hee!

Scriptor Senex said...

Aerial view coming up shortly!!!