Monday, 6 September 2010

Killerton House - the Bear Hut

One of the more fascinating creations in the grounds of Killerton House is the Bear Hut.

This was built by the gardener and nurseryman John Veitch as a surprise for Lydia Acland, the wife of the 10th Baronet, on the Acland's return from their honeymoon in 1808.

It was often referred to as the Hermit's Hut until used to house a pet black bear brought back from Canada in the 1860s by their grandson Gilbert.

The hut is in three different sections, one floored with cobbles, one with log sections and the third with deer knuckle bones. June Loudon in her book 'Gardening for Ladies' considered the knuckle bones to be 'decidedly in bad taste'.

 The ceilings are basketry, matting and deerskins respectively.

The stained glass in the hut is sixteenth century from the Netherlands and was picked up in the Aclands' travels.

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