Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Exeter Cathedral - Bishop Bronscombe

The tomb of Bishop Bronscombe, between the Lady Chapel and the Chapel of St Gabriel is the finest in the cathedral.

Bishop Walter Bronscombe - known as Walter the Good - became Bishop of Exeter in 1257 and probably attended the consecration of Salisbury Cathedral in 1258. This is thought to have inspired him to rebuild Exeter on a larger scale in Gothic style. The present building is largely the result of his plans. He died in 1280.

In the background can be seen the effigy of Bishop Stafford on the other side of the Lady Chapel in a similar gilded monument.

His effigy in black basalt has survived with its original painted colouring.    The bishop is shown wearing the magnificent robes of a prelate of his time.

An angel carries his shield.

The brilliantly gilded monument is later than the effigy itself, having been made in the Fifteenth Century.

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