Thursday, 11 September 2008

The University grounds again

Wednesday was a long day. Actually it probably wasn't any longer than any other day but what I mean is I had a long time out and about. I began at the University, photographing trees and fungi again, and then went to the city centre where I concentrated on taking photos inside the cathedral and of a statue being replaced on the North porch.

A Magpie greeted me as I wandered the University grounds in the sunshine.

Reedmace by the Peter Chalk fountain.

A Monterey Pine - it's a long way up there!

Reed Hall and its terracing are the most attractive part of the campus.

The cones of West Himalayan Spruce and Noble Fir respectively.

A rather spectacular Lawson's Cypress.

These lovely little fellows are Coprinus plicatilis - the Little Japanese Umbrella.

This fungus appeared at first to be a jelly cup of some sort - possibly Peziza violacea - but a closer examination suggest the remains of gills so perhaps it is just a toadstool like Cortinarius violaceus that has been eaten by squirrels or slugs.

The Common Brownie - Tubaria furcfuracea.

I think this is Lepista irina, noted for growing in lines or circles.

This was supposed to be a Scarlet Oak according to the label but in no way does it resemble one!

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