Friday, 5 September 2008

Exeter University grounds again

Inspired by John Caldwell et al "The Grounds and Gardens of the University of Exeter" I had another wander around the University on Thursday morning. The weather was far from ideal for photographing trees but that only marginally reduced the enjoyment.

Ian parked the car by a Silver Maple and he and Helen left me to it. They went off to work - poor souls - while I soaked up the peace and calm of the arboretum and the terraces of Reed Hall.

This large and strikingly powerful sculpture commemorates the tragic events in Tiananmen Square, Beijing on 3rd and 4th June 1989. It was anonymously erected overnight in 1989 by some of the University's students and every June wreathes are laid against it.

This sculpture - "Man of the World" - is by Peter Peri. It was created in 1960 to symbolise the new University's aspirations, reaching out to the World. The feet of this sculpture are encircled by Rams horns. This is an allusion to the roots of the University, the Royal Albert Memorial College in Exeter, now a museum and art gallery.

This chap is on Reed Hall. I shan't bore you with all the tree photos I took - because of the weather they were primarily 'for the record' and to add to my collection of tree photos rather than making pretty pictures.

But I must show you this shrub - Colletia cruciata - with its vicious thorns. It would make a good anti-personnel hedge.

It's a pity I no longer collect cones; I could have added greatly to my one-time collection. This is a Moneterey Pine cone and was surprisingly light.

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