Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Frog End Nursery & Nature Reserve

I spent the day at

The weather was warm with intermittent sunshine.

As well as taking lots of plant photos I had plenty of time to search for eggs laid by the Southern Hawker yesterday. I found what could possibly have been one but the majority seem to have been laid under the surface of the wood in tiny holes and cracks.

A fully grown Common Frog put in an appearance by the pond in the morning.

The Slow Worm was basking on the fence again.

When I looked for more Slow Worms in the undergrowth I found a Smooth Newt. Back in Pensby the adults usually leave the pond around this time of year and it looks as though they do the same here.

A Corn Marigold in the wild flower border.

And what I think is Feverfew, in the same location.

The hoverflies in the garden included

the very common Episyrphus balteatus

and the rarer Xanthogramma pedissequum.

Sitting on the back step I was visited by a female Lesser Stag Beetle (Dorcus parallelipipedus).

This is a piece of flint from Buddleigh Salterton that I knapped to make a couple of small and exceedingly sharp blades.

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