Sunday, 24 August 2008

Dunsford - Saturday 23rd August 2008

The four of us (i.e. William did not come!) went out to Dunsford on the edge of Dartmoor for a walk along the River Teign.

The Hogweeds, Hemp Agrimony, and other nectar-abundant flowers were covered in hoverflies and other insects. One of the prettiest hoverflies was Lucozona glaucia.

This is a female Dark Bush Cricket (Pholidoptera griseoaptera), There were quite a few around.

A Nomada species of solitary bee.

A longhorn beetle - Strangalia maculata.

After our walk we went to the attractive village of Dunsford and had lunch at the Walled Garden.

If a photo is taken on the self-timer does it still count as having been taken by me???

Oh Look! A George V wall letter box - must photograph..

Dunsford Parish Church.

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